Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Online

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 continues tonight with the new episode ‘Infected’ after a killer cliffhanger that disposed of a newly introduced cast member and put a threat deep within the confines of the prison community that Rick and his group have worked so hard to fortify and grow. Those who thought the Season 4 premiere was slow won’t feel the same after tonight with a sleeping cell block in the crosshairs of a hungry newly born zombie. There is no official online free live streaming version of tonight’s The Walking Dead episode 2 to watch online, but live stream options valid once the episode completes airing are presented via the links below. Beware of ’30 Days Without an Accident’ spoilers in our preview from this point forward.

When we last left off, Carl’s geeky friend had come down with some kind of sickness that sent him from feeling well to dead on the bathroom floor in less than a day. His death came in the middle of the night with no one else around, so the reanimated zombie has a clear shot at attacking the sleeping cell block that the bathroom is attached to.

The Season 4 premiere served as a table setter for the remainder of the season. In the several months that have passed since the Season 3 finale, Rick has domesticated himself and devoted his life toward raising his kids as a violence-less father. Carl has accepted his new father and shed the erratic tendencies he exhibited last season. He now respects his father and most importantly listens to him.

The prison is now run by a council of five members including Daryl, Sasha and Hershel. All major decisions must go through the council rather than the Ricktatorship that took hold in Season 3 until it became obvious that style of leadership wasn’t beneficial to the community. How the council reacts to a zombie on the loose will unfold tonight.

With a zombie on the loose you can bet there will be multiple deaths in tonight’s episode. This was foreshadowed in the earlier trailers where there’s talk about high casualties in a particular cell block. Put two and two together and this new zombie should be feasting tonight before someone eventually takes him and whatever other zombies he creates out.

There’s more going on at the prison other than the mysterious illness. As the preview clip from The Talking Dead showed, someone is dropping rats out by the fences to lure the hungry zombies in. Who that is, or why they’re doing it, we don’t know.

There’s also the matter of the illness which affected the pig as well, whether it’s contagious or not, and who else might be infected. If someone is identified as being infected, how will that be handled? The illness might be a death sentence and there will be those looking to dismiss humanity and wipe out the threat rather than let the infected live to their last breath. There’s definite drama afoot on The Walking Dead, so you will want to be sure to watch on AMC tonight.

Tonight’s The Walking Dead: Season 4 new episode 402 ‘Infected’ premieres tonight on TV on AMC at 9/8c in high definition (HD). AMC offers free online streaming versions of The Walking Dead episodes several days after they air at the official AMC website for a limited time that can be viewed on a computer, mobile phone, tablet/iPad or any Internet enabled and connected device. It’s the next best thing to watching free and live. You can also choose to purchase standard or high definition versions of each newly aired episode very early the following morning after they air from here exclusively at The cost is $2 to stream standard episodes and $3 for the full high definition versions, with all previously aired The Walking Dead episodes also available to purchase and watch on demand.

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