Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Midseason Finale

Tonight’s The Walking Dead: Season 3 midseason finale should prove to be as much a punctuation mark on the first half of the season as setting the table for the second half. Showrunner Glen Mazzara loves to enter breaks with a cliffhanger so expect tonight’s episode ‘Made to Suffer’ to make the wait for the show’s return next year a tough one to endure.

At the conclusion of the previous episode, Rick and his strike team including Michonne, Daryl and Oscar had made their way to the gates of Woodbury and were formalizing a plan to breach the defenses and rescue Glenn and Maggie. At least we would like to think Michonne is interested in saving Glenn and Maggie. Technically speaking she doesn’t even know them and comes to Woodbury with ulterior motives.

What’s great about Rick and his team about to storm Woodbury is that Andrea has no idea she is sleeping with the enemy. Even if a fight breaks out in the dead of night, she will have no idea who is attacking unless she picks up a firearm and gets into the fight. What would happen if Andrea pointed her gun at Rick or Daryl? Or if she stumbled upon Glenn and Maggie? The stage is set for Andrea’s perception of the Governor and Woodbury to be turned on its head.

Spoilers from preview footage tell us that Chad Coleman has joined the cast as comic fan-favorite Tyrese and will be introduced in tonight’s season. It doesn’t look like he will have much to do tonight, but Tyrese should play a prominent role in the second half of the season. I can hear the fan outcry for him and Michonne to hook up already.

The big questions for tonight are will Merle and Daryl reunite? Will Rick and the Governor finally come face-to-face? Will Andrea and Michonne reunite? Will the Governor realize Michonne is still alive? Will someone die? We already know the answer to the last question is “yes.” At least one of those other questions is expected to be addressed and answered before the midseason finale wraps.

The recommended way to watch a live streaming version of tonight’s The Walking Dead episode ‘Made to Suffer’ is to buy it in standard or high definition shortly after the episode airs from here for $2.99 (along with past episodes from Season 3). I wouldn’t recommend a temporary free live stream option unless you want a computer virus. The official stream is always the safest way to go.

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