Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 306

Michonne is on the loose in ‘Hounded,’ the sixth episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 3 that showrunner Glen Mazzara described with one word: collision.

It’s easy to decipher what Mazzara is talking about when looking at where the pieces have fallen thus far. The Governor (David Morrissey) has allowed Michonne (Danai Gurira) to leave Woodbury as a show of good faith to help win over Andrea. Michonne is thrilled to leave Woodbury behind even if it meant severing ties with Andrea, though she won’t be alone for now.

The Governor already proved with the national guardsmen that he has no intentions of any outsiders knowing about Woodbury. As such, Merle (Michael Rooker) and a small hit squad will be dispatched to silence the woman of few words, Michonne, before she can share her unusual experience. We are all hoping that Michonne’s sword and Merle’s bayonet attachment clash with great ferocity.

Back at the prison, Rick will finally return to the group, but he’s still not “all there.” Daryl will head into the prison to try and figure out what happened to Carol, while Glenn and Maggie will head out on another rations run.

The promos and images from ‘Hounded’ tell us that both Glenn and Maggie will draw their gun on someone, and that someone looks to be Merle. What a reunion that will be as Glenn was around when Merle was left up on the Atlanta highrise roof for dead. The bigger question is what will happen next, and where is Michonne when this awkward reunion takes place.

We have been waiting almost a month for the prison and Woodbury worlds to “collide” and tonight’s episode is aiming to get that process underway in grand fashion. I expect the Governor and Rick to have a face-to-face before the midseason finale two episodes from now. I also expect another character to bite the dust in that episode, though that’s purely speculation on my part.

The best way to watch a live streaming version of tonight’s ‘The Walking Dead’ episode ‘Hounded’ is to purchase it in standard or high definition shortly after the episode airs from here for only a couple of bucks. Be wary of any free online streaming version that might put a virus on your computer. The official stream, though not exactly live, is the best way to go.

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