Watch The Walking Dead Online Season 4 Episode 7

AMC’s The Walking Dead hung a right instead of a left last week as we learned about The Governor’s walkabout between the Season 3 finale to spying on the prison. The Governor has adopted a new family to care for of but Martinez will threaten to reveal his devilish past when we watch The Walking Dead online stream Season 4 episode 407 ‘Dead Weight’ by following the links presented below. Spoilers for last week’s episode will be present from now onward.

The Governor awoke the day after gunning down half of Woodbury to discover that both his henchman had sped off in their truck and left him to rot. On the road for long enough to grow a Tom Hanks Castaway beard, The Governor eventually sees a small girl in a window and is taken in by family including the girl (Megan), her mother (Lily), the mother’s sister (Tara) and their dying father.

This episode was a slow burn as The Governor cut all ties to his past by assuming a new name and even burned the infamous photo of him with his wife and Penny prior to the apocalypse. He’s now a man on a path of redemption and is even willing to risk his life on multiple occasions to run dangerous errands for Lily and her family. With each act of compassion, Lily gains more and more trust in the strange man that showed up on her doorstep.

With Lily’s dad on his last legs, Megan began to bond with The Governor and it became obviously that The Governor was starting to see Megan as a new little girl to care for like he once did for Penny. The trust Megan has for The Governor vanishes when he has to bash in Megan’s granddad’s head with an oxygen tank after he dies and reanimates as a zombie. Lily and Tara understand why The Governor had to do what he had to do, but Megan is freaked and wants nothing to do with the man that told her he was a pirate.

The Governor decides it’s time to hit the road again with Megan hating his guts. Lily understands that they’ll fall apart without that father figure around and she convinces The Governor to take them with him on the road. It was an odd decisions considering how many rations they had accumulated in the apartment, but one they made anyway and as a result, put themselves in the crosshairs of a zombie herd.

With walkers approaching, The Governor finally convinces Megan to run to him and he scoops her up, running as fast as he can until the pair fall into a trench that was deliberately dug to collect walkers. He sees Megan in trouble and flips the switch, turning into a killer once again to dispose of the walkers with his bare hands and some bones. Once reunited with Megan, The Governor promises to never leave her, but then Martinez shows up with a machine gun slung over his shoulder. I expect tension between Martinez and The Governor when we watch The Walking Dead online streaming or on TV with only two episodes left until the midseason finale.

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