Watch The Walking Dead Online Season 4 Episode 406

AMC’s The Walking Dead ended its run of “I” episodes by closing the door on a big multi-episode arc and kicking off another in last week’s tense episode, ‘Internment.’ A familiar face is going to start to cause some grief for Rick and the prison inhabitants when we watch The Walking Dead online stream Season 4 episode 406 ‘Live Bait’ by following the links presented below. Note that spoilers for last week’s will be present from this point forward.

I was getting nervous last week because the last time an episode of The Walking Dead focused so squarely on an elder member of the group, said member was killed off as the episode came to a conclusion. Hershel was clearly in the crosshairs and most likely deliberately so, but showrunner Scott Gimple apparently has future plans for the growing fan favorite down the road.

The illness arc came to a head as Glenn grew increasingly ill and didn’t have much time left to live. The other doctor passed away leaving Hershel as the lone person who could take care of the ill, and Hershel had no idea how much longer it would be until Daryl and his group returned with medicine – or if they would return at all. Things were starting to look dire, and then the proverbial crap hit the fan.

At the prison fences, the walkers were pushing so hard that the support beams holding up the weak fence started to buckle and break. This forced Rick to take Carl, who until then Rick had quarantined indoors, to grab weapons and go “Rambo” on the walkers as they filtered into the prison through a hole. Rick could only look at his once innocent child with either pride, disbelief or worry as Carl mowed down walkers with a machine gun as if he had been firing that weapon for years.

Inside cell block A a freshly born walker got on the loose and within minutes it was havoc and everyone fighting for themselves. It took some time for Maggie to break into the cell block to help, and by the time she had, Hershel had already saved Lizzie’s life and was in the process of saving Glenn as well. Miraculously Hershel survived, killed his first walker, and became the latest former innocent man to have to kill to survive.

As the illness storyline wrapped up with Daryl and his team delivering the meds just in time to save Glenn, a familiar face appeared outside the prison. It was none other than the Governor who is watching from afar, no doubt jealous of the shelter Rick has given his people and taken away from him. I would expect the Governor arc to play out over the course of at least the next three episodes when we watch The Walking Dead online streaming or on TV and head toward the midseason finale.

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