Watch The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Online Season 4

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 has crawled and battled its way to the midseason finale that oddly resembles the Season 3 final act with an inevitable confrontation between The Governor and unofficial prison warden Rick Grimes. The difference is last season that confrontation never really happened as Rick’s group used the tombs and walkers as a trap. This time The Governor has a new group behind him and a massive tank, and bloodshed is all but a certainty when we watch The Walking Dead midseason finale online stream of Season 4, episode 408 ‘Too Far Gone” by following the links presented below.

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead continued the story of The Governor, now known to his new group as Brian, as he is taken in by Martinez with the understanding that Martinez is the new boss and he isn’t. Brian seems to go along with this if only to keep Lily and her family safe, but you can tell that deep down inside he is scared for their safety in this environment.

After a couple supply runs into the woods Brian realizes that the leadership of this group, Martinez and a pair of ex-military brothers, will implode and the entire group will perish as a result. In a rash decision he decides to kill Martinez and then take Lily, her sister and daughter out of the camp in the middle of the night, only to be persuaded by a group of walkers stuck in mud to return. For The Governor those walkers are a reminder that wherever they go, there will always be threats.

The next morning The Governor does what he must to survive and becomes the evil man he was trying to leave in the past. After killing the weaker brother, The Governor forces the other to pledge his allegiance to his cause and in a matter of moments we get a feel for how the settlement at Woodbury came to be with The Governor at the helm.

After an attack on Megan, Lily’s daughter, that nearly takes her life, The Governor decides it is time to upgrade their accommodations. He knows there are walkers and worse, bands of survivors out in the woods, and they need a fortified camp that will keep all kinds of enemies out. There’s only one place The Governor can think of since he burnt Woodbury to the ground.

After a quick truck ride, The Governor comes upon the prison and spies Rick and Carl in the distance to connect with episode 405. Then he looks around some more and spots Hershel and Michonne outside the prison fences. A vengeful Governor can’t resist the opportunity to exact revenge on Michonne so he pulls out his gun, takes aim, and the camera cuts to black.

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