Watch The Americans Season 2 Premiere Online Streaming Episode 201 ‘Comrades’ FX Live

Watch The Americans Season 2 Premiere Online Streaming Episode 201 'Comrades' FX LiveThe FX Cold War drama The Americans Season 2 gets underway tonight following a huge marketing push by the cable network to attract new viewers following the recent Blu-ray and DVD release of Season 1. Undercover Soviet spies portrayed by stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys will continue to live their false suburban Washington D.C. lives as their daughter begins to question who her parents really are. Episode 201 ‘Comrades’ kicks off the all-new season in style when we watch The Americans online streaming on FX tonight.

Spoilers for The Americans Season 1 finale are ahead so proceed at your own risk. When we last saw the Jennings, they had embarked on a pair of missions with high stakes. Elizabeth was supposed to meet the episode’s namesake, the colonel. Before she could, Philip had to retrieve a bug from the Secretary of Defense’s room, which it turns out was a trap by the FBI whom had picked up on the transmission.

Elizabeth and Philip end up switching missions so instead, Philip and Grannie meeting the colonel against Elizabeth’s wishes while Elizabeth goes after the bug tape. They thought that the colonel meeting might have been the trap but they were wrong. The colonel told Philip and Grannie that the Star Wars program was 50 years away, and Philip realizes that Elizabeth is the one walking into a trap.

Philip races to Elizabeth right as she is about to get into a car that Stan and the FBI are staking out. He picks her up and the FBI opens fire, hitting Elizabeth once. She is then taken to an abandoned warehouse to get patched up. Philip refuses to leave his “wife” despite Grannie requesting he does to be with his kids. Ironically Stan ends up looking over the kids, and it will be interesting to see if Stan’s suspicions about his neighbors go up when we watch The Americans live on TV or online streaming.

The episode ends on an odd note with Paige heading into the basement looking for “something,” as if she is starting to suspect her parents are hiding secrets. She finds nothing and the episode just ends. It feels like the early stages of Paige discovering the truth and flipping out, much like Walt Jr. did in the latter episodes of Breaking Bad. There’s still theoretically quite a ways to go until we get to that point.

The official synopsis for tonight’s The Americans Season 2 premiere reads, “Elizabeth comes back from her injury and straight into what should have been a routine mission, but it goes awry, leaving her and Philip in fear not only for themselves but for their whole network… and family. Paige’s suspicions have only grown in her mother’s absence. Meanwhile, Stan continues to fall for the Russian agent who has started to play him.”

Tonight’s The Americans Season 2 premiere episode 201 ‘Comrades’ debuts exclusively on FX in full high definition (HD) at 10/9c tonight. You will want to check your local cable or satellite listings to determine what channel number FX is where you live. FX offers free online streaming versions of each The Americans episode the day after they air at the official FX video on demand (VOD) streaming website here for a limited time that can be viewed on a phone, iPad, tablet, computer or any Internet device. It’s the next best thing to watching The Americans online free streaming live. additionally offers standard or high definition versions of each newly aired episode of The Americans bright and early the following morning after they air from here. The cost to stream HD high definition episodes is $3 while non-HD is a little less at $2 per episode. Amazon also offers online streaming for all past episodes of FX’s The Americans including the option for Prime members to watch The Americans Season 1 online free streaming.

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