Watch Sherlock Season 3 Online Episode 2 PBS Masterpiece

BBC’s Sherlock Season 3 starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman premiered in the U.S. last week with the first of three new episodes, ‘The Empty Hearse,’ a few weeks after its UK premiere. It saw Sherlock return from the grave after being presumed dead for two years and struggle to rekindle a friendship with Watson. Watch Sherlock Season 3 episode 2 ‘The Sign of Three’ online free live streaming on PBS Masterpiece tonight to be a guest at the wedding between John and Mary that will be anything but a typical event. There are spoilers from the previous episode below.

To recap ‘The Empty Hearse,’ two years had passed since Sherlock fell from a building in ‘Reichenbach Fall’ and the sleuth detective was called back to the land of the living in order to help thwart a terrorist plot. Working with Mycroft, Sherlock quickly learns that John Watson, his former partner, is not so quick to welcome his old friend back into the fold after lying to him about his demise.

Though Sherlock was seemingly gone, Watson moved on with his life and has a new woman in his life, Mary Morstan. John wants nothing to do with Sherlock, until the terrorists kidnap him and Sherlock and Mary end up rescuing him. Finally realizing that his rightful place is by Sherlock’s side, John and Holmes set out to stop a plot to bomb the Houses of Parliament during Guy Fawkes Night.

When ‘The Sign of Three’ picks up tonight, the wedding of John and Mary is afoot. Sherlock has been tasked with being the best man and he’s fretting over the speech he will have to deliver. As might be expected from an episode of Sherlock, not all at the wedding is at it seems, and Sherlock’s focus will be put to the test while his best friend is trying to tie the knot.

The official synopsis for tonight’s new episode of Sherlock reads, “Who leaves a wedding early? In The Sign of Three, it’s the best man, namely Sherlock. John Watson may live to regret offering the role to a man who didn’t realize he was John’s best friend, but more importantly, one of the guests at John’s wedding to Mary may not live to see the end of the day. Too bad that Sherlock is unable to focus his tremendous powers of deduction on the murder that’s hatching right under his nose, but then the responsibilities of a best man are more diabolically exhausting than preventing a very clever killing.”

Tonight’s Sherlock Season 3 premiere of Episode 2 ‘The Sign of Three’ has a start time of precisely 9:58pm EST / 6:58pm PST on PBS Masterpiece theater. You will want to peruse your town’s listings to see what channel PBS is to watch Sherlock on TV in HD.

An alternative to watching tonight’s new Sherlock Season 3 episode on TV is to watch live or via a replay here at the official PBS website on tablets, laptops, phones, iPads and other devices via online free live streaming. You can also online stream Sherlock episodes from any season at

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