Watch Justified Season 5 Premiere Online FX Free Streaming ‘A Murder of Crowes’

Watch Justified Season 5 Premiere Online FX Free Streaming 'A Murder of Crowes'FX’s Justified finally airs its Season 5 premiere tonight to reignite one of the most beloved dramas on television today. Raylan and Boyd will of course be back in the swing of things and immediately jump into the thick of trouble as only they can. Tonight’s all-new Season 5 midseason premiere episode of Justified titled ‘A Murder of Crowes’ will pick up a few months later when we watch Justified online streaming on FXNOW.

In the Season 4 finale, Raylan is involved in act that finally crosses the line between serving the long arm of the law and brutal murder when he turns a blind eye to Augustine being gunned down in his limo. He went along with the mob hit to save Winona and his unborn child’s life, but he still crossed the line and this decision is likely to affect his mental state of being in Season 5.

When Season 5 of Justified picks up, Raylan’s 30-day suspension is over and he’s back on the job. More specifically, he pays fan-favorite Dewey a visit, who is in a much different place than he was when we last saw him in Season 3. Raylan is tracking down his cousins in Florida, which includes the season’s new bad guy Darryl Crowe Jr. (Michael Rapaport), hence the episode’s title.

Boyd’s fiancee Ava is still in jail and she will have to learn to survive on her own without her tough husband around to be the bully for her. As such, actress Joelle Carter has gone on record as stating that Ava will be much darker this season and utilize the skills she’s seen her lover master to navigate the intricacies of prison life. The big question is whether Boyd and Ava will still be a couple if/when they eventually reunite, which is doubtful to happen when we watch Justified Season 5 streaming online at FX later tonight or tomorrow.

As for Boyd, he has teamed up with Wynn Duffy to investigate problems with the movement of the heroine. This sends the duo to Detroit where they will have to dig deep into the mob scene, which isn’t as intact as it once was, to determine what the problems are. Danger is sure to find them, and Boyd will struggle with whether he can truly trust Duffy or not.

FX has provided an official synopsis for the Justified Season 5 premiere that reads as follows, “In the swamplands of Florida, Raylan tangles with a deadly branch of the Crowe Family Tree, while Boyd goes into the dark heart of the collapsing Detroit Mob.”

Tonight’s Justified Season 5 premiere episode ‘A Murder of Crowes’ will debut at the show’s usual start time of 10/9c exclusive on FX. Find out what channel FX is in your town by checking the local listings so you can watch Justified in HD on your big TV.

FX offers free online streaming versions of every Justified new episode the day after they air at the official FX video on demand (VOD) streaming website for a limited time right here that can be viewed on a phone, computer, laptop or other Internet device. It’s the next best thing to watching Justified online free streaming live, though keep in mind you will need to log in with your television service provider’s credentials to access it.

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