Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 6 Online

The PBS Masterpiece Theater series Downton Abbey is zeroing in on its Season 4 finale and will take another small step closer following tonight’s episode 6, leaving only two more episodes to go. There will be a large collection of pigs arriving on the grounds as well as a river date with public displays of affection when we watch Downton Abbey online free live streaming tonight via the official PBS website or on TV in high definition.

To recap last week’s episode of Downton Abbey with many spoilers, Robert’s birthday party came and went by playing out in a unremarkably expected manner. It turned out that Rose decided to hire the band led by Jack Ross and it turned out to be a wise decision as everyone seemed to love it. Except for maybe Edith, but that certainly doesn’t come as much of a surprise at all.

Speaking of Edith, a trip to the doctor’s office confirms via a letter that she is in fact pregnant. She’s keeping it secret for now, but on the surface it’s very clear to everyone else that she’s extremely upset. They all assume it’s because of Michael Gregson being missing as opposed to being presumed dead, but Edith knows the real reason and, for now, is doing a decent job of hiding it.

As if Mary doesn’t have enough to deal with, Charles Blake and Evelyn show up at the estate with a lot of attitude and intentions that Mary originally didn’t suspect. She thought they might be coming to help pull the estate out of trouble. Instead they are there to assess the estate for ways the government can profit from it. All the while Evelyn is showing a lot of interest in Mary.

An interesting revelation last week is that the Crawleys have decided to bring some pigs to the land and farm them. The official synopsis for tonight’s episode suggests that those pigs will arrive and someone is going to have to get down and dirty taking care of them. At least Jack Ross and Lady Rose can continue to find ways and places to make out.

Here’s the official synopsis for Season 4, episode 6 of Downton Abbey, “Downton’s drove of pigs arrive, Robert departs, and illness descends. Mary and Blake may have found common ground, but Edith faces her troubles alone.” You see, the pigs are definitely coming, though the illness part is a bit troubling.

Downton Abbey Season 4 episode 6 will premiere in the U.S. tonight at a start time of 9/8c exclusively on PBS Masterpiece Theater. Be sure to check your local listings to find what channel PBS is where you live to watch tonight’s Downton Abbey in HD on your TV.

PBS offers anyone Downton Abbey online streaming live free right here that can be watched on phones, iPads, laptops, computers and any other Internet-connected device. You can also opt to online stream past Downton Abbey episodes in their original UK cuts including the remainder of Season 4 at

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