Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 8 Online

The PBS Masterpiece Theater series Downton Abbey has played up to the Season 4 finale with tonight’s North American premiere of episode 8 that first aired in the U.K. in late 2013. Season 5 is already in the works so the big question heading into tonight’s finale is whether the narrative will dish out a huge cliffhanger or provide temporary resolution. Watch Downton Abbey Season 4 finale online free live streaming on PBS tonight to see what happens. Spoilers from the previous episode follow from this point forward.

In last week’s episode, a bazaar is held on the estate grounds that serves as a meeting place for the episodes closing scenes. Before that gets underway, Molesley and Baxter are continuing to inch closer and closer toward a relationship. Baxter even ignored Thomas, which is a big move for her and part of her growth at a character.

Mary comes to know of Rose and Jack’s date via Tom. When Mary confronts Rose about the date, she insists that she’s madly in love with Jack and proves it by getting engaged. Mary travels to London to speak to Jack personally about the marriage and as it turns out, Jack had no intention of going through with it since he felt it would ruin Rose’s life.

Mary also decides that it is time to remove Green and tells Anna as much, promising that she won’t reveal the reason why. She sets up a meeting with Gillingham at the bazaar and finds out that Green fell into the street and was killed. Anna is relieved, but doesn’t tell Mary that Mr. Bates was in town the same day and told Anna that was up to “this and that.”

Edith has decided that it is time to get rid of the baby so she plans a trip to Switzerland to do so with Aunt Rosamund. Violet isn’t tricked by the reasoning for the trip and forces Edith to fess up about her intentions. In no way does Violet want Edith to lose the baby so she offers to pay for every baby expense that comes along. That’s quite a generous offer!

Tonight’s episode might bring some resolution to Mary’s suitors, who she continues to keep at arm’s length. Shirley MacLaine and Paul Giamatti co-star tonight, and here’s the official synopsis for the Downtown Abbey Season 4 finale, “Six months after the bazaar, the Crawleys head to London for Rose’s presentation before the king. Mary’s suitors await them, the Levinsons join them, and a potentially explosive scandal threatens to embroil them.”

The Downton Abbey Season 4 finale premieres tonight at a start time of 9/8c in North America exclusively on PBS Masterpiece Theater. Check your local listings to determine what channel PBS is where you live to watch tonight’s Downton Abbey finale in HD on your TV.

PBS offers the ability to watch Downton Abbey online streaming live free right here that can be viewed on phones, iPads, laptops, computers and various other Internet connected gadgets. You can also opt to online stream past Downton Abbey episodes in their original UK cuts including this Season 4 finale at

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