Watch Dexter Season 8 Episode 9 ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ Online Live Stream

Watch Dexter Season 8 Episode 9 'Make Your Own Kind of Music' Online Live StreamShowtime threw us all for a loop at the conclusion of last week’s new Dexter. The Season 8 episode, from this final season, turned the corner past three-quarters complete and started setting the table – in some respects literally – for the series finale. Many questions were raised in that episode, and we’ll take one step closer toward answers and resolution in tonight’s new episode ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music.’ Dexter free live online streaming options for tonight’s episode can be found below.

Last week, Dexter was on the verge of sending Hannah off for good but couldn’t let her slip away after the pair shared a passionate evening of sex. Hannah has been the cure to Dexter’s dark passenger, suppressing his desire to kill whenever she’s in his life. Now that she’s sticking around, the potential that the pair run off to Argentina when all is said and done is gaining traction.

The big twist last week was the unexpected death of Zach Hamilton. What seemed like it was being set up as a spin-off turned into the return of the Brain Surgeon as Dexter found his apprentice when returning home after dinner with serial killers, complete with a section of brain missing. Cut to Dr. Vogel looking at presumably that missing chunk of Zach’s brain. Plus Vogel was the last person seen with him alive. Coincidence? No, of course not. But I doubt Zach’s murder is that cut and dry.

Then there’s the matter of who killed Dexter’s hot neighbor, Cassie. It is being insinuated that Quinn got Zach’s blood and tried to frame the kid in order to steal the promotion to Sergeant. We learned that Zach was not the killer, so who was? The Brain Surgeon? Not likely. How about Cassie’s boyfriend who conveniently didn’t remember Zach, or even Jamie who has a lot to gain if Quinn gets the promotion? There’s a big twist here and it isn’t so obvious to figure out, at least not yet.

The official show synopsis for tonight’s new Dexter only tells us that Dexter investigates a murder that hits close to home, namely Zach’s. The preview tells us he will confront Vogel about the murder, and the name of the episode, ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music,’ is the name of the song playing in Dexter’s apartment when he discovers the body, as well as during all previous instances of the Brain Surgeon’s appearance just off camera.

Tonight’s new episode of Dexter: Season 8, episode 9 ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music,’ premieres tonight exclusively on Showtime at 9pm EST. Showtime offers its customers a free live online streaming version of tonight’s episode to watch at their newish website here, as well as access to episodes that have already aired.

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