Watch Breaking Bad Series Finale Premiere Online Streaming ‘Blood Money’

Watch Breaking Bad Series Finale Premiere Online Streaming Blood MoneyAMC’s Breaking Bad begins the back half of Season 5 (or Season 6 to some) tonight with the episode ‘Blood Money.’ This isn’t just any new batch of episodes for Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his family/acquaintances. This is the latter half of the series finale, the true beginning of the end with only eight more episodes that will wrap Breaking Bad for good on September 28. Unfortunately a free live online streaming version of tonight’s Breaking Bad is not available to watch, but some live stream options once the episode airs are presented below.

When we last left Walter White last year, he had just made the decision to leave the meth business for good and join his former cook on the sidelines. As his wife Skyler pointed out, Walt had accumulated more cash than they could ever possibly need. Walt had accomplished what he originally set out to do; provide for his family as his stage 3 cancer slowly took away his life.

Of course, Walt became someone else as the meth business flourished and all the evil that comes with it came to surface. He took on the alias Heisenberg who worked right under the nose of Walt’s DEA brother-in-law, Hank. Walt was no fan of violence but quickly embraced its necessity in order to keep business flowing and uncontested. Some might argue Walt began to enjoy the violence.

As the first half of Season 5 came to a close and Walt throws a barbeque for his family, Hank makes a startling discovery that will kick off the last batch of episodes. While on the toilet, Hank picks up a book from Walt Whitman that has the following inscribed in it, “To my other favorite W.W. It’s an honour working with you. Fondly, G.B.” Hank thinks back to a similar inscription he found in Gale Boetticher’s lab notebook. Suddenly he realizes what’s been right under his nose the whole time: Walter White is Heisenberg.

As Breaking Bad returns tonight and is followed by eight episodes of Talking Bad with Chris Hardwick, remember how the first episode of Season 5 began. It was a flash-forward to Walt’s 52nd birthday and he had changed his look while in a restaurant. In the restroom he completes a deal with a gun dealer, and shortly thereafter is the new owner of a car with an M60 machine gun in the trunk. He’s clearly desperate at this time in what might be his final act of vengeance, possibly stemming from Hank’s discovery and what happens next.

Breaking Bad: Season 5.5 premieres tonight exclusively on AMC in high definition (HD) at 9/8c with the new episode number nine ‘Blood Money.’ AMC has been generous of offering edited free online streaming versions of season premieres shortly after they air at the official AMC website that can be viewed on a computer, mobile phone, tablet/iPad or any Internet enabled and connected device. It’s the next best thing to watching live. In the event they don’t, you can purchase standard or high definition versions of each newly aired episode very early the following morning from here at The cost is $2 to stream standard episodes and $3 for the full high definition versions. There’s a great Season 5 recap video available for free to watch there now.

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