Watch Breaking Bad Season 6 Episode 12 Online Streaming ‘Rabid Dog’

Watch Breaking Bad Season 6 Episode 12 Online Streaming 'Rabid Dog'AMC’s Breaking Bad Season 6 (or Season 5 depending on how you view it) takes one big step closer toward the series finale tonight with the latest all-new episode ‘Rabid Dog.’ This episode, number 4 this new season, comes after the cliffhanger in ‘Confessions’ that saw Hank come face to face with Jesse in an isolated interrogation room. Unfortunately a free live online streaming version of tonight’s Breaking Bad episode 12 is not available to watch, but some live stream options valid once the episode airs are presented below. There are spoilers from the previous episode from this point forward so keeping reading at your own risk.

‘Confessions’ was set up to make it sound as if the episode title referred to Jesse talking to Hank in the interrogation room when in fact it was something else entirely. With Skyler’s help, Walt films a confession of his crimes that he ends up handing over to Hank and Marie. While it is a confession, it’s not true as Walt blames Hank and Gus for the blue meth empire. Moreover, he says Hank held his kids hostage for three months to keep Walt from talking to the police.

After Jesse is released without Jesse giving up any information, he meets up with Walt and Saul in the desert. Walt suggested that Jesse get a new identity and skip town for good. Jesse agreed and ended up waiting for a Disappearer to come and help him make his getaway until a complication arose regarding a joint. That quickly escalated into a Saul beating at the hands of Jesse and Jesse leaving in Saul’s car.

At this point Walt thinks he has everything under control. His confession DVD outs the very man who would be turning it in. Jesse, the only man Hank knows who can implicate him, is on his way out of town – or so he thinks. Walt tells Skyler that everything will be fine, but clearly it won’t be.

‘Confessions’ ended with Jesse arriving at the White house, taking a container of gasoline and beginning to douse the house with it. Will he go through with it? We won’t know until after tonight’s episode has had a chance to premiere. What he do know about ‘Rabid Dog’ comes from the official synopsis, “An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change everything.”

Breaking Bad: Season 5.5 continues tonight on AMC in high definition at 9/8c with new episode number 12 ‘Rabid Dog.’ AMC has been generous in provided edited free online streaming versions of Breaking Bad episodes a few days after they air at the official AMC website that can be viewed on a computer, mobile phone, tablet/iPad or any Internet enabled and connected device for a limited time. It’s the next best thing to watching live. You can also opt to purchase standard or high definition versions of each newly aired episode very early the following morning after they air from here at The cost is $2 to stream standard episodes and $3 for the full high definition versions. Every past Breaking Bad episode is also available there.

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