Watch Breaking Bad Season 6 and Series Finale ‘Felina’ Online

AMC’s Breaking Bad has had an incredible run and tonight we will finally learn the fate of Walter White in tonight’s series finale ‘Felina.’ Last week’s penultimate episode ‘Granite State’ was the calm before the storm. The wheels are in motion as Walt tries one last attempt to presumably go after Jack’s men, get his money back and finally give it to his family – all he has ever wanted to do. There is no official free live online streaming version of tonight’s Breaking Bad episode 16 to watch online, but live streaming options valid once the episode has finished airing on AMC are presented below. Beware of massive spoilers for the previous episode from here on out.

To recap ‘Granite State,’ Walt was sent by the Disappearer to the complete opposite end of the country in New Hampshire. Isolated in a snowy cabin in the woods, Walt’s fate appeared to be to die alone from the cancer that originally sent him down his “bad” path. Walt isn’t happy with the arrangement, but he also understands there is really no other option. So, he grows a full beard and head of hair, and waits for his destiny to arrive.

Back in New Mexico, Jesse has spent weeks trying to escape his cell and finally does by picking a lock and standing on an overturned pail and pile of blankets. He thinks he’s finally free, but Jack’s men end up catching him before he can escape the compound and Jesse is left begging for them to kill him.

Bad goes to worse for Jesse when Todd lures Andrea out onto her porch claiming to be a friend of Jesse’s. He then shoots her in the head, sending Jesse into another screaming fit, to which Jack tells him to quiet down. Jesse has basically lost everything with life being his final punishment. Death for Jesse, at this point, would be the easy way out.

Back in New Hampshire, Ed stops by to visit Walt and fills him in on what’s going on with Skyler and Jr. Skyler has moved on, living in a new place and working part-time as a taxi dispatcher. Walt likes Ed’s company so much that he bribes him with $10k to stay for a bit longer and play cards. Ed obliges, but Ed won’t promise that he will deliver the rest of Walt’s money to the family when Walt eventually dies.

This unsettles Walt and he has trouble sleeping. Staring at the Heisenberg hat across the room, Walt comes up with a plan and heads into the local bar, exactly what he was told not to do. He places a call to Jr. and tells him that he plans to bring him $100k. Jr. is still irate with his dad and hangs up on him. Walt then calls the Albuquerque DEA and asks as if he’s turning himself in. Instead, he lures police to his location and he’s long gone, presumably on his way back to Albuquerque to wrap up unfinished business and his story.

Before Walt leaves the bar, he watches his old partners Gretchen and Elliott Schwartze on television talk about how their company, Gray Matter Technologies, has nothing to do with the fugitive drug lord Walt White. He knows they’re lying and there’s nothing he can do about it.

There is no synopsis for tonight’s Breaking Bad series finale. This is the end, and the story of Walt White and Jesse Pinkman will come to a close. I expect a definitive ending and, if there’s any justice, the death of Jack and his men. Remember, tonight’s Breaking Bad series finale runs 75 minutes long.

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