Watch American Horror Story: Coven Online Streaming Episode 8 ‘The Sacred Taking’ on FX

Watch American Horror Story: Coven Online Streaming Episode 8 'The Sacred Taking' on FXFX’s American Horror Story: Coven returns this evening following a brief hiatus in order to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Just because the holiday season is still ongoing over the next several weeks and laughter and cheer is among us doesn’t mean AHS: Coven will let up in the scares, backstabbing and freakiness. Tonight’s all-new episode of AHS ‘The Sacred Taking’ promises to ignite a couple battles left heavily brewing last week when we watch American Horror Story: Coven online streaming using the links presented below.

To recap the previous episode, and spoilers will be presented from here on out, it began with a flashback featuring Kyle before his untimely death and freaky resurrection. He’s in a tattoo parlor with his buds and talking about the great things in store for his life, which is why he cannot get a tattoo. He had potential, but of course Madison took that from him and gave him tattoos anywhere by stitching him together with his buddies body parts.

Madison, now strolling around in an undead state, decides to burn her hand, eat all the food and drink all the potions. It’s O.K, though, since she’s technically not alive and will not feel the effects of the potions of start sprouting love handles from gobbling down all the food. And her had won’t burn to a crisp, either. A funny thing happens when Cordelia wakes up and nearly tumbles down the stairs, only to be caught by Madison. Cordelia learns that her mother Fiona murdered Madison and that is simply not acceptable.

Meanwhile Fiona ends up hooking up with the Axeman whom it turns out has long had a crush on her. They did so at the expense of some poor schmuck who gave up his apartment and his life for this romp, and now in addition to ending up dead, the poor guy has Fiona shedding her hair in his bathroom. That was far from the weirdest thing in this episode.

Zoe tried teaching Kyle some basic vocabulary and it ended up backfiring. Madison, however, was immediately able to connect with her equally deceased counterpart and they not only connect on some zombie-level, they end up having sex. While this is going down, Zoe is learning that Cordelia wants to kill her mom and kills Spalding, and that’s a lot to take in, so she returns to her bedroom, finds the sex going on, and ends up in a three-way with a pair of zombies.

The episode ended with a bang as Queenie lured Madame LaLaurie to a salon after Marie Laveau told Queenie about some naughty things LaLaurie has done in the past. LaLaurie gets locked into a cage and Queenie charges her with a scythe for some good old fashioned bayou torture, complete with Marie Laveau wiping blood on her face as the deed is going down. The war between LaLaurie and Laveau is definitely on.

The official synopsis for tonight’s new American Horror Story: Coven reads as follows, “Cordelia rallies the girls in the fight to stop Fiona. A dangerous new enemy puts Misty in the crosshairs. The rivalry between Marie Laveau and Delphine comes to a head.”

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