Watch American Horror Story: Coven Episode 6 Online Streaming ‘The Axeman Cometh’ on FX

Watch American Horror Story: Coven Episode 6 Online Streaming 'The Axeman Cometh' on FXFX’s American Horror Story: Coven played up the recurring mommy issues theme last week as a pair of troubled witch mothers came face-to-face with the grim and grisly reality that it was their own ignorance and evil doings that led to harm coming to their daughter(s). Tonight a dark spirit will rise and one of those affected daughters will discover a new power. There is no online free live streaming version of tonight’s new Coven episode offered directly by FX, but you can watch American Horror Story: Coven episode 6 online streaming ‘The Axeman Cometh’ online streaming on FX by following the links presented below.

To recap last week’s episode ‘Burn, Witch. Burn!,’ the zombies summoned by Madame Laveau are ready to tear down Miss Robichaux’s School and all inside, including Zoe and Madame LaLaurie. Things get a little weird when LaLaurie spots her three zombie daughters outside the kitchen window and invites them inside for a reunion.

The episode began over 100 years in the past with LaLaurie’s three daughters planning to murder their abusive mother. The only problem is mommy heard their plans and locked them in the basement, breaking one of their legs in the basement and basically condemning them to an early, painful death. Thanks to Madame Laveau they’re back, though frankly only a shell of their former beautiful selves.

Zoe ends up leaving the house and gets trapped by the zombies near what looks like a tool shed. In a scene right out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, she comes out with a chainsaw and starts chopping the zombies up into bits in her best Ash impersonation. At least she didn’t try to have sex with them as up until that point it was the only way we’d seen Zoe be proactive at anything.

The big moment for Zoe came when she utilized some new power that not even she was aware of, and we don’t know what it was, to thwart Madame Laveau’s spell over the zombies as they were ready to munch Zoe into bits. We’re sure to learn more about this spell in future episodes and I suspect it will play a major role in resolving a conflict yet to come to pass.

After getting acid thrown in her face at the end of the last episode, we get to see Fiona in the hospital and the nasty result of that attack. Fiona realizes she’s responsible for the attack and thinks she knows who did it. Or knows who to frame. One or the other, we’re not sure yet. What’s clear is that Fiona wanted Myrtle out of the picture and did what was necessary to ensure that would happen.

While in front of the coven council and being told that she’s basically in line to be set afire, Fiona turns the table by “proving” to the other two council members that Myrtle was the one who scarred Cordelia. She proves it by revealing acid burns on Myrtle’s hands under her gloves, and just like that Myrtle is sentenced to death by fire. What’s weird is that Myrtle hardly puts up a fight.

The episode ends with Myrtle getting fried to a crisp while the coven, including Zoe, watches. In a final twist, Misty shows up at what’s left of Myrtle and resurrects her from the dead. Maybe that is who is referenced in tonight’s episode synopsis, “Zoe, Queenie, and Nan make contact with a dark spirit trapped in the Academy. Cordelia’s new power brings on a heartbreaking revelation.”

American Horror Story: Coven episode 6 ‘The Axeman Cometh’ has a start time of 10pm EST / 7pm PST and will air on TV exclusively on the FX Network. The cable channel offers a vod portal here at the official FX Networks website where subscribers to the cable channel can watch online free live streaming of every Coven episode shortly after each episode completes its on-the-air premiere.

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