Watch American Horror Story: Coven Episode 2 ‘Boy Parts’ Online Live Steaming on FX

Watch American Horror Story: Coven Episode 2 'Body Parts' Online Live Steaming on FXFX’s American Horror Story: Coven premiere his a series ratings high when Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates brought their own dose of nasty to witchery. It offered a twisted tale of past and present with a surprise ending that brought the two time periods together in an unexpected way.

To recap the premiere ‘Bitchcraft,’ it introduced Zoe, a young girl with an unusual gift that forces her parents to enroll her in Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. It’s like Xavier’s X-Men School for the gifted, only nothing good will likely ever surface from its halls. You can watch the American Horror Story: Coven episode 2 ‘Boy Parts’ online streaming by following the links below to see much more of this school.

Once at the school, Zoe is introduced to numerous other students including Madison, Gabourey and Jamie, as well as the headmistress Cordelia. Before long, the parent of one of the students shows up and that’s when the order at the school is turned on its head.

Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) arrives at the school and with a few flicks of her fingers takes it over. She is pursuing a solution that will stop the aging process and is willing to kill whoever it takes to make sure she secures it. She isn’t the only one looking to solve this age-old mystery.

In the past – 1834 to be precise – we were introduced to Kathy Bates as Madame LaLaurie. She’s a creepy witch who, like Fiona, wants to stop and reverse the aging process. She uses the blood of her many victims to slather across her body in hopes the wrinkles will go away like a streak on a window. Apparently it takes many victims to continue administering this process.

There’s a Minotaur here as well that was newly created. It is revealed that Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) is the lover of who this creature used to be and finds out that Madame LaLaurie is the one who did the did the deed. A drink of poison later and Madame LaLaurie is dead.

Jumping to present day, Zoe and her new friends end up at a frat party where there’s a rape, a bus tipped over killing most of the frat boys, and then Zoe killing the main rape instigator using her power to terminate life by having sex.

The premiere ended with Fiona going into the back of Madame LaLaurie’s old house in present day and ordering the yard dug up. When Madame LaLaurie’s body is uncovered she’s alive and well, setting up the stage for some fireworks with these two loony witches working together.

The official synopsis for tonight’s episode reads, “Fiona helps Zoe and Madison deal with a horrible tragedy. Delphine LaLaurie struggles to adjust to modern life. Cordelia faces a dark decision about her family.”

American Horror Story: Coven episode 2 ‘Boy Parts’ has a start time of 10pm EST / 7pm PST and will air on TV exclusively on FX Network. The cable channel offers a dedicated vod portal here at FX Networks Online where subscribers to the cable channel can watch online free live streaming of every Coven episode including last week’s hot season premiere.

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