V Season 2 Premiere ‘Red Rain’ Preview

The world is seeing red in ABC’s season 2 premiere of V tonight, picking up from last season’s cliffhanger in which new Alien mother-ships arrived and turned the earth’s skies an ominous red hue. Unfortunately (or not?) for the Fifth Column and humanity, red skies aren’t all that’s coming this season.

For old school V fans, season 2 brings back Jane Badler in the role of Queen Diana. Only this time she’s the mother to Morena Baccarin’s Anna, a young and ruthless ruler who is beginning to show signs of understanding humanity that could become a threat to her empire. If there can only be one queen then will the mother plot to eliminate her daughter?

The first video below lets you watch the first 15 minutes of V Season 2’s premiere episode. Plots that will emerge this season include Ryan remaining in isolation on the mother ship while his new hybrid baby, born at the expense of the mother’s life, can be experimented on by Anna and her cohorts. Chad finally picking a side to fight on much to Anna’s chagrin. And Erica, in search of answers to the red sky, discovering the secret behind the V’s presence on Earth.

Be sure to watch the entire preview for the best part toward the end in which Anna reveals a new appendage and immediately uses it to make a “point.”

The second clip is a 5-minute podcast that goes behind-the-scenes on V Season Two with the cast and crew.

V: Season Two premieres tonight on ABC at 9pm.

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