Updated: Warner Double-Dips I Am Legend on Blu-ray; Cover Art Added

Updated: Packaging shot added at the bottom of this article.

Warner Home Video has announced I Am Legend will be making its second Blu-ray appearance in less than a year in a new two-disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition package on December 9, day-and-date with a three-disc companion DVD version.

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition will come packaged with an exclusive 44-page concept sketch book, a lenticular lucite commemorative piece featuring imagery from the film, and six collectible art cards showing international cities devastated by the virus — all in an ” an elegant, all-inclusive box perfect for holiday gift giving.”

On the content side, both the theatrical and controversial endings will be included along with a digital copy on a second disc and over 2 hours of all-new extras. The full list is as follows.

    Disc 1 (Theatrical Version)
    Focus Points

  • Play Movie with Focus Points – Explore the making of I Am Legend and the process of bringing the film to the screen.
  • Behind the Story

  • Commentary by director Francis Lawrence and producer-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman
  • Cautionary Tale: The Science of I Am Legend – How life threatening microbes have caused pandemic viral infections and the looming dangers of advanced strands to the human race. [HD]
  • Creating I Am Legend
    • The Joy Ride Jump – All alone with a hot car and an empty street; setting up the perfect scene. [HD]
    • Will in the Driver’s Seat – A realistic balance between live action and the stunt world. [HD]
    • Robert Neville’s Psychology – Will Smith, director Francis Lawrence and novelist Richard Matheson set up the character of Robert Neville, particularly his devotion to discipline in routine in order to keep his sanity. [HD]
    • The Story – Will Smith, director Francis Lawrence, producer-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and novelist Richard Matheson discuss the roots of the film, as well as the story and its relevance. [HD]
    • Will Smith in Action – As a man in action, we get to see the humor and kindness of actor Will Smith when cameras are not rolling. [HD]
    • That Scary Place Inside All of Us – Will Smith and producer-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman discuss he complexity of the story and the Robert Neville character’s ragged psyche. [HD]
    • Shooting on the Intrepid – Faced with isolation, this NYC landmark was a perfect location against the city skyline. [HD]
    • NYC Gone Back to Nature – Will Smith, director Francis Lawrence and others focus on the challenges of making a city of over eight million look deserted. [HD]
    • Will’s Physical Training – Will Smith and trainer Darrell Foster discuss the physical training Will undertook for the role of Robert Neville. [HD]
    • Creating the Dark Seekers – Producer-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and novelist Richard Matheson discuss the development of the film’s virus-infected creatures. [HD]
    • Evacuation, Part 1: Family Convoy – Military coordinator Sam Glen and Second Unit director Vic Armstrong discuss shooting the evacuation sequence. [HD]
    • Evacuation, Part 2: Military Cooperation – Producer-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and others discuss the enormous amount of cooperation provided to the production by the U.S. Military in the evacuation sequence. [HD]
    • Building the Pier – Director Francis Lawrence and others explain the significance of building a pier in New York’s East River. [HD]
    • Canine Co-Star – Animal coordinator Steve Berens and his star dog Abby share some of her secrets for the training on this film. [HD]
    • Quiet Imagination – Will Smith talks about his growth as an actor and what was required from his performance. [HD]
    • Closing Down Fifth Avenue – Unique challenges to shut down one of New York?s busiest streets. [HD]
    • Evacuation, Part 3: Choppers – Skilled chopper pilots played a key role to deliver dramatic footage. [HD]
    • The Conflicts of Isolation – Will Smith and producer-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman discuss the psychology of the character of Robert Neville, who believes he is the last man on earth. [HD]
    • Trusting the Unknown – A profile of the characters Anna and Ethan, as played by Alice Braga and Charlie Tahan, and the significance of their roles in this film. [HD]
    • The Creatures Break In – Preparing Robert Neville’s home for the attack of the Dark Seekers. [HD]
    • Neville’s Weapons – The balance between protection and the reality of his environment played a role in the weapons used by Robert Neville. [HD]
  • Animated Comics
    • Death as a Gift – Jinghua Xu, immune from the virus and the last survivor in Hong Kong, struggles with the reality of living in a world decimated by the infected. [HD]
    • Isolation – Abandoned by his country, John Edward Lard is left to die in a maximum security prison while all other inmates are transferred to a more secure facility. [HD]
    • Sacrificing the Few for the Many – In a Central American jungle, two seemingly unaffected children witness the slaughter of aid workers and the destruction of a sick camp by an unknown military operation. [HD]
    • Shelter – A father’s agonizing choice to keep his infected daughter locked outside a refuge proves useless as the shelter walls are ultimately breached by the sick.] [HD]
  • Trailer – Standard definition theatrical
  • Disc 2 (Alternate Version)

  • Includes Digital Copy
  • Behind the Story
    • The Making of I Am Legend [SD]
    • I Am Legend: Making of Shots [HD]
  • Additional Footage – Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Francis Lawrence and Akiva Goldsman
    • Joy Ride – Robert Neville drives his car through the desolate streets of New York. [SD]
    • Sam and the Butterfly – Sam plays with a butterfly in the park. [SD]
    • They Set a Trap – Neville realizes the creatures are evolving. [SD]
    • Driving on the FDR – Neville and Anna drive down the empty freeway. [SD]
    • You Go Around the Door – A protective Neville reveals his fatherly side. [SD]
    • Do You Know How to Shoot a Gun? – Neville teaches Ethan the basics, to Anna’s dismay. [SD]
    • 5th Avenue Walk – Neville, Anna and Ethan walk down the abandoned street. [SD]
    • Questioning Faith – Anna begins to doubt her beliefs for the first time. [SD]
    • Eat Fish on the Couch – Neville and Anna share a quiet moment. [SD]
    • Death or Life – Anna tries to convince Neville to escape from New York. [SD]
    • A Haunting Sight – Neville and Anna open the door and see the destruction he’s caused. [SD]
    • Hope – Anna’s faith is restored. [SD]

I Am Legend: Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray will carry an SRP of $59.99. Check back regularly for high resolution cover art, technical disc specs and pre-order information.

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