Twilight Screenwriter Discusses New Moon & Eclipse Writing Process

The Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently sat down with to discuss her process for penning the first, second and third films in the four-part Twilight series.

Most of her discussion focuses on the collaboration between herself and author Stephanie Meyer who was consulted throughout the writing process whenever ideas strayed from the book. They love working together, everything is peachy swell, etc. etc.

For New Moon, Rosenberg explains the solution for getting Robert Pattinson on-screen more without deviating from the book’s ideas and narrative. A Twilight movie without much Edward Cullen would knock ticket sales in half.

Surprisingly Rosenberg opens up ever so slightly about her work thus far on Eclipse, the first such leak of information about the upcoming film. Currently she is in the process of penning the screenplay which is described as the most difficult to piece together yet.

You wouldn’t think a screenplay based off an established book would prove troublesome but the book’s first half does not lend itself well for adaptation to film. To remedy this, Rosenberg promises delving into an extended mythology of Twilight not covered in the book though appropriately sanctioned by Meyer.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens in theaters in North American on November 20. Watch the interview in its entirety below or revisit the first New Moon trailer here.

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