True Blood ‘Spellbound’ Trailer Teases a Showdown

On last night’s True Blood, the life of a main character was left hanging in the balance. I think she’ll live, but more on that in a moment.

In the next episode of True Blood titled ‘Spellbound,’ Bill will reach out to Antonia after the resurrection claimed the life of at least one vampire and left many others with a bad case of silver burn. The preview trailer suggests Bill, Antonia and their constituents will meet face-to-face in order to settle the growing animosity between the supernatural factions.

The werewolves are aware of the war between witches and vampires, but look to remain on the sidelines – at least for the time being. They’ve been pretty pointless this season so let’s hope Alan Ball has something special in mind for them.

Is Tommy gone for good? Hard to tell. Is Jessica toast? My best guess right now is no, she’s not. There’s been too much buildup of the Jason/Hoyt/Jessica love triangle and Jason was not too far from the door when Jessica opened it. Once quick turn into a were-panther and he could easily sprint over and knock her back inside. The setup for Jason to save the day and turn based on heightened emotion seems all too perfect.

Watch the teaser trailer below for True Blood episode 44 ‘Spellbound.’ The full episode will premiere this upcoming Sunday, August 14 at 9pm EST/PST on HBO.

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