True Blood Season 5 Episode 58 ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ Preview

True Blood Season 5 Episode 58 'Gone, Gone, Gone' PreviewThe Vampire Authority in True Blood is on a mission from a supposed god, their god, the first vampire Lilith. Those that have drank her “blood,” if that is indeed what it is, are following her desires for vampires to rule and feed on humans like a puppy dog and its new owner.

Speaking of puppy dogs and new owners, Sam and Luna are sure to discover the whereabouts of little werewolf Emma in tonight’s True Blood: Season 5 episode, ‘Gone, Gone Gone.’ Emma was taken from her grandmother, or is that grandwolf, by Russell Edgington, and given to Steven Newlin as a new pet. Make note of the names in this paragraph as I would be shocked if all are still alive by the Season 5 finale’s conclusion.

Looking back at the Authority, Eric is still the only one in the group that has managed to withstand Lilith’s calling, thanks to some ghostly advice from his maker, Godric. That is, unless Bill is executing some twisted plan and is willing to put Eric’s fate up for grabs in the process. Nora will continue to try and turn Eric, and Eric will continue to try and turn her to mainstreaming.

A new plot developed last week over at Fangtasia where a new vampire appeared and took the chair as the new vampire sheriff of Area 5. This guy has already gotten under the skin of both Pam and Tara with his public displays of human feeding, and wants them to obey a new mandate that neither of them believe in.

Also in tonight’s episode, Jason will discover what is being called a “mysterious scroll” that may or may not shed some light on his parents’ murder. Sookie continues to hunt for the killer vampire, while Andy might soon have to pay the price for this roll in the grass with a faerie in last season’s finale.

Catch True Blood: Season 5 episode 58 ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ tonight at 9/8c on HBO. While you wait, be sure to watch the episode’s promotional spot and a pair of clips below, one involving the inevitable Hoyt and Jason potential reunion.

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