True Blood Season 5 Episode 53 ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ Promo: Come Together

True Blood Season 5 Episode 53 'Let's Boot and Rally' Promo: Come TogetherThe last episode of HBO’s True Blood, ‘We’ll Meet Again,’ wasn’t much different than the three before it. Russell Edgington is still in hiding while he regenerates after his short stint in the ground. Pam is still by far and away the most intriguing character and only consistently interesting arc. And there are far too many scattered plots and sub-plots going on at once.

In the next episode ‘Let’s Boot and Rally,’ several of the characters look as if they’ll be coming together for the immediate future. Bill and Eric’s vampire adventures will intersect with Alcide and Sookie, sending the quartet off to find Russell before Roman puts a stake through Bill and Eric’s hearts via his cell phone app. Based on the promo below, it looks like they will be looking in the type of dark spaces that would suit Russell well.

Hoyt’s new goth look and fangbanger attitude will bring him together with Tara. There’s no telling what this pair might be up to, or if they’ll even stick together for much longer. Tara needs some kind of a purpose and Hoyt might be just the guy to offer it, especially if Tara can serve as an intermediary between Hoyt and Jessica.

In the other stores, Sam must now figure out who killed his old shifter friends and warns Luna about the threat. Lafayette calls upon Jesus to help deal with the magic inside him, a dark magic that has now taken aim at Lafayette’s mother. Patrick and Terry find their war buddy Brian, but end up his prisoners in a freaky bunker. And Jason is having some freaky dreams after his dance in Faerie land.

True Blood: Season 5 episode 53 ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ premieres this upcoming Sunday at 9/8c. Watch the 30-second promo for the new episode below.

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