True Blood Season 5 Episode 53 ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ Preview

True Blood Season 5 Episode 53 'Let's Boot and Rally' PreviewHBO’s True Blood enters its second third of Season 5 tonight. For the first time this season, the many characters and their sub-plots are starting to come together with common goals.

In the previous episode, Bill and Eric sought out Sookie to help them locate Russell Edgington, the only thing standing between them and a shift true death courtesy of Roman. When the found Sookie, she was plastered after realizing her life has made everyone else miserable, and engaged in a makeout session with suddenly very forgiving Alcide.

This group will head out in seach of Russell in dark places he might be hiding out in. Will they find him? I sure hope so, because Russell’s return is just what this season needs to kick start it into gear.

Fangtasia is once again proving to be a center of activity as Pam and her newborn, Tara, find a gothic-looking Hoyt out for some fangbanging of his own. Maybe Tara will let Hoyt suck on her for awhile? That would be… interesting… especially when Jessica ends up taking Tara under her wing considering she was a newborn not too long ago and knows the steps to vampire acceptance.

Lafayette has been having major issues with the brujo demon inside him. No one seems able to help, at least not anyone alive. Cue the return of Jesus.

Elsewhere on tonight’s episode, Sam will reach out to Luna to warn her about the shifter murders. Far away from Bon Temps, Terry and Patrick find themselves in captivity by one of their crazed ex-Iraq war buddies. Let’s hope their storyline starts having a point, and soon.

Check out below for a couple True Blood: Season 5 episode 53 ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ clips, ‘The Final Countdown’ and ‘Immortal,’ as well as the promo spot. The episode premieres tonight at 9/8 on HBO, with our comprehensive review by Matt coming a little later this week.

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