True Blood Season 2 Episode 52 ‘We’ll Meet Again’ Promo: Where’s Tara?

True Blood Season 2 Episode 52 'We'll Meet Again' Promo: Where's Tara?It was heavily implied in last night’s episode of True Blood, ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me,’ that Faeries have returned to Bon Temps and either have unfinished business with Sookie or plan to cash in with their grassy romp with Andy Bellefleur last season. Those Faeries could come out to play as early as this upcoming Sunday’s episode, ‘We’ll Meet Again.’

The promo spot tells us that Eric will finally make his way back to Fangtasia en-route to locating Russell Edgington with Bill. Wonder what his reaction to Pam becoming a maker will be?

Speaking of Pam, she is very likely to save Tara from her tanning bed instrument of death and try to talk some sense into the newly turned vampire. HBO thought they were being tricky not showing vampire Tara in the promo, but we know better than that.

Something will get Roman worked up enough to bear this fangs and bite down. He and Salome are after a Vampire Council traitor and will stop at nothing to out them. Will his anger and pulling out the stake again mean the end for Nora? If so, her character will have been pretty much wasted this season. I’m thinking the traitor is not Nora but someone else.

Sookie is back to running around in her Merlotte’s shirt, something we haven’t seen for quite some time. It look like Alcide will remain all up in her business while Eric and Bill will require her services as well. Somehow, some way, Lafayette will put Sookie’s life in danger. Or the demon in Lafayette will do so. One or the other.

As we approach the one-third complete mark of True Blood: Season 5, there’s still no return of a fully healed Russell Edgington. I’d like to think this new episode will end with Russell making his grand entrance.

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