True Blood ‘Me and the Devil’ Trailer Brings Back the Barbecued

The new close-quarters arrangement between Sookie and Eric may be taking a dramatic turn based on the latest True Blood trailer for episode 41, ‘Me and the Devil.’

In the trailer, a fan-favorite returns to dish out some advice to his old pupil. If you’ve read this far and clicked on the title then spoilers shouldn’t be an issue. The character in question is Godric, and the trailer makes it appear as if he’s instructed Eric to feed on Sookie while she sleeps.

This fourth season of True Blood has so many stories going on it can be a chore to be invested in them all. Some, like Arlene’s presumed possessed baby, tend to only appear for a few moments per episode. Others are more prominent like Jason’s capture and escape, and the twist in the witches versus vampire conflict that has left Pan scarred for the worst. Others yet need to prove a point or go away entirely like Sam’s redneck family issues.

Watch the trailer for ‘Me and the Devil’ below and check out the full episode this upcoming Sunday, July 24 when it debuts on HBO.

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