Tron: Legacy Grid Scenes will Expand for IMAX

Disney wants you to consider shelling out a few extra bucks for the IMAX experience when checking out Tron: Legacy on December 17. What they’re dangling about the film might be enough to persuade you in that direction.

Approximately 35 minutes of Tron: Legacy was designed for IMAX screens, Disney confirmed in a “fun facts” release tied to the film. The sequences that comprise this footage, all-CGI and out on the grid, will eliminate the letterbox black bar effect and fill IMAX screens in their entirety (as The Dark Knight’s IMAX sequences did).

Some other neat Tron: Legacy facts include the use of 134 LED lights in the light discs that are radio-controlled and attach to suits via a magnet; a partnership with Electronic Arts to do motion-capture for the film, an industry first use of a video game company for this purpose in a film; and Joseph Kosinski’s insistence to practically build several of the movie’s vehicles to help blur the line between reality and CGI. For the tech crowd, Tron: Legacy is the first 3D movie shot with 35mm lenses (Zeiss Master Primes) and full-35mm chip cameras (the new Sony F35).

Watch the latest Tron: Legacy trailer.

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