Toy Story 3 Themes More Grown Up

The price of admission to Up a few weeks ago was worth every penny when the Toy Story 3 trailer cued up. At my screening the crowd went nuts when realizing Buzz, Woody and pals were coming back. Everyone loves Toy Story.

Sci-Fi Wire recently sat down with one of Toy Story 3’s animators Angus MacLane to discuss the film’s heavily guarded motifs and themes. As the original Toy Story’s audience has matured, so will the third entry’s stories to tell.

“I feel like we’ve grown up making these movies, and each of the films represents where the filmmakers were at the time of making the films,” MacLane said. “Certainly we’re approaching this film 10 years later, so I think we’re sort of coming at it from the standpoint of [Andy] has grown up, and we’ve grown up with these toys, and we have a reverence for them, but we also have different things as a priority.”

Early word on the plot is Andy heads off the college and the toys find themselves in a new home: a daycare. Here they’ll befriend and clash with new characters Angus is currently working on.

“I’ve spent a lot of the time on the show on new characters” added Angus. “That’s one of the things I did work on on this film, was a lot of pre-production and developing on the new characters, just help out getting them ready to go for the film.”

Angus promises we will see Andy’s room again though when and where he won’t say. Head on over to Sci-Fi Wire to read the rest of the interview and get ready for Toy Story 3 in 3D next year.

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