Thor Movie Concept Costume Design Images

Time to set aside the Chris Evans as Captain America concept art for a few minutes. Right on the heels of that present to Marvel fans, Collider has shared concept art depicting the first full body shots of Chris Hemsworth as Thor with Mjolnir!

I’ve included Marvel’s official picture of Thor’s head and upper armor below the concept art so you can compare to your heart’s content. From what I can see it’s pretty evident the armor design is identical between the concept art and the movie still.

Drew McWeeny over at HitFix adds to the validity of the images. He has seen the final costume and shares some caveats to keep in mind when viewing them. “For one thing, it does not appear to be made of vinyl or plastic when you see the costume in context and in motion,” Drew explains. “I’m surprised by how disco-shiny those photos make him look, because that’s not at all what it looks like in the film. There’s a real cloth and metal feel to all of the costuming, especially the Asgardian stuff.”

“Look, these images weren’t meant for public consumption,” Drew warns. “If you’re looking at these and thinking, ‘Oh, man, they got him totally wrong,’ relax. The world of Thor is big and rich and surprising, and I think once people actually see moving footage, they’re going to let go of any minor issues they have with button sizes or color palettes.”

I feel slightly inclined to argue the outfit feels less than godlike but will refrain. Asgard’s aesthetics and how this outfit fits into the context of the film’s visual design remain a mystery. We should get a much better feel in a little over a month when the first Thor footage is expected to screen at Comic-Con.

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