The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Premiere Title and Recurring Characters Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Premiere Title and Recurring Characters RevealedThe title for the premiere episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 4 has been revealed and it seems to indicate a calm before the impending storm. No matter what happens in the premiere, three new characters joining the group should survive as they are being described as “recurring.” Some spoilers are present below so continue at your own risk.

The Walking Dead: Season 4 premiere, or episode 401 as it’s also known, is titled ’30 Days Without an Accident’ according to TVLine. What kind of accident has been avoided, you wonder? We’ll have to wait until the October premiere to find out. I believe the answer is as obvious as it looks: there hasn’t been a zombie incident at or around the prison in a month’s time.

This title seems to indicate a time jump between the Season 3 finale, in which the remaining Woodbury survivors were taken to the prison to begin a new life. I have always wondered why Rick’s group didn’t move to Woodbury considering the nicer accommodations, even if they weren’t quite as well fortified. Hopefully the fate of Woodbury as a viable town will be addressed.

The gap between Seasons 2 and 3 were half a year to eliminate the cold winter. A similar time jump wouldn’t be a surprise for this season, unless new showrunner Scott M. Gimple decides to mix things up.

Speaking of Gimple, he penned ’30 Days Without an Accident’ and you should be excited about that. Gimple wrote ‘Clear’ from Season 3, widely considered to be one of the best episodes from this past season that saw Morgan return briefly into the fold.

TVLive has also scooped three new recurring characters that will be a part of Rick’s group in Season 4. They include, “Laura, a single mom and ex-nurse who isn’t quite as strong as she first appears; Melody, a ‘just one of the guys’ kinda gal in her 20s; and Don, who sounds like Hershel, if Hershel were crankier and two-legged.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Laura or Melody became a new love interest for someone during the course of the season. Don sounds like walker bait.

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Source: TVLine

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