The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer May Include Spoilers

The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer May Include SpoilersOne of the biggest footage reveals at Comic-Con 2013 was the first trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 4. Until Friday, AMC had only shared a small handful of stills and publicity images from the upcoming season. That all changed in a big way once the trailer was revealed in Hall H and shortly thereafter online for all to see.

The nearly four-and-a-half The Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer delivered far more footage than anyone thought AMC would be doling out as a first taste of Season 4. So much so that some potential big spoilers are present for the first season under new showrunner Scott Gimple.

The first spoiler from the trailer is a major plot point that there’s an inside job attack at the prison leaving 12 people dead, two murdered in cold blood and the other 10 presumably by zombies. This attack and uncertainty about security at the prison has some questioning whether it’s safer to stay or hit the road and find a new home.

One such character who may be looking to bolt is Michonne. At one point in the trailer, she pulls out a map of Georgia and seems to take a close look at Macon. For those who don’t play video games, Macon, Ga. is the main location for the Telltale The Walking Dead video game. It’s possible, through probably unlikely, that we could see a small crossover event between the game and the show down the road.

We also see that Rick and Tyrese will be at odds and a shiner Tyrese is sporting likely came from Rick’s fist. Why would these two be fighting? That might be the biggest spoiler of them all.

As the trailer gets going, there’s a short montage of characters acting in horror of something off-screen. This montage ends with Tyrese making a starling discovery that leaves him speechless and shocked beyond belief.

The thought here is that the attack on the prison will take the life of Sasha, Tyrese’s sister, and send him into a downward spiral. Tyrese might blame Rick’s lack of leadership for the incident and then mentally spiral out of control, as evidenced when walkers attack a car with Tyrese in it and he’s the last guy to exit the car and join the fight. Tyrese is clearly mentally not in a good place at that point, and Sasha is nowhere to be seen.

After the final title card, the trailer ends with Daryl and three others in a car whose radio picks up some sort of emergency broadcast signal. How any signal is being transmitted is a mystery in and of itself.

We will find out what The Walking Dead: Season 4 premiere holds when it debuts on Sunday, October 13 at 9/8c only on AMC.

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