The Walking Dead Season 3 ‘Say the Word’ International Promos

The Walking Dead heads into the fifth episode of Season 3 with so many lingering questions. What will Rick do in the aftermath of Lori’s death? Will Michonne turn violent at Andrea’s request to stay in Woodbury rather than head for the coast? Who is going to be primarily responsible for taking care of the baby? Will Rick find any attachment to the baby?

Buried deep within last week’s emotionally charged episode of The Walking Dead was a subtle hint at what’s to come. Spoilers from episode 305 ‘Say the Word’ follow so please proceed at your own risk.

Two episodes ago, the Governor took a quick look at a picture in his home of himself, his wife, and his daughter. Nothing much was made of the picture at the time other than the look on the Governor’s face that showed he clearly missed his family.

In last Sunday’s episode, the Governor told Andrea that it’s just him and his daughter now because his wife died in a car accident. If his daughter is alive, why haven’t we seen her yet? And why didn’t Andrea ask about her? I have no idea on the latter puzzle, but the former has already been answered in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic.

You have probably already put two-and-two together by now, but it’s looking like the Governor’s daughter, Penny, is a zombie. That’s probably why Milton is holed up in a lab trying to learn about the walkers; the Governor has tasked him with discovering a cure so he can have his daughter back. Carol will be able to relate.

A pair of international promos for ‘Say the Word’ have come online and one of them shows a young zombie girl in a quick flash. Is that Penny? Odds are favorable that it is. We will have to wait until Sunday to learn where she is being held and what her existence and reveal will mean for everyone.

The Walking Dead episode 205 ‘Say the Word’ premieres this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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