The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 314 Online

AMC’s The Walking Dead has detoured away from Woodbury and the prison during the past two episodes in order to set up the run into the season finale. Two weeks ago Rick led a road trip to his old stomping grounds in search of weapons and ammunition. Last week the Governor and Rick met eyes-to-eye and failed to meet on common ground during their tense negotiation session.

The Governor and Rick returned to their respective camps and began preparing for war. Rick is using a scare tactic on his troops to get them psychologically ready for the impending defense of their “home.” The Governor wants to attack now despite the wishes of Andrea to seek out a peaceful solution and Milton’s increasingly growing skepticism about his leader.

The key to this week’s new episode ‘Prey’ might end up being Milton. A sneak preview for tonight’s episode shows Milton revealing a torture chair to Andrea in hopes of showing her who the Governor really is. Andrea has already been distancing herself from the Governor since her trip to the prison. Now with Milton’s help it looks like she might finally be ready to choose a side and stand up for herself.

A preview image for tonight’s episode show’s a bloodied Andrea confronting someone after looking for them through a broken door window. Does she make a move on the Governor to take him out? Does the Governor take her out instead? Does Milton get caught in the crossfire and sacrifice himself to help Andrea escape? Or is the image misleading and Michonne will show up to knock some sense into Andrea? Showrunner Glen Mazzara has teased a 10-minute tense finale to tonight’s episode that will end in a “wow” moment. I have a feeling that either Andrea or Milton are about to take their last breath.

Coming back into play this week are defectors Tyrese and Sasha, and possibly their two useless friends. At the very least they’ll take some zombie target practice at the Woodbury gates in preparation for the raid on Rick’s prison. However, I suspect their allegiance to the Governor will be short-lived and their time at Woodbury coming to a close.

The Walking Dead: Season 3 episode 314 ‘Prey’ premieres tonight on AMC at 9/8c, followed immediately by a one-hour presentation of The Talking Dead with Todd McFarlane as a guest to talk about The Walking Dead toy action figure line. It’s not free, but you can watch an online streaming version of ‘Prey’ for a minimal cost at here early Monday morning. If you missed last week’s episode ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’ with the Governor and Rick’s first meeting, it’s available now along with all the previous episodes at Amazon.

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