The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 302 ‘Sick’ Preview: Carol Steps Up

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 302 'Sick' Preview: Carol Steps UpThe Walking Dead: Season 3 started strong last week, not only in the ratings but in how the millions of people who watched the premiere reacted to it.

This upcoming Sunday the action, suspense, drama, intimate moments and gore don’t take a break in episode 302 ‘Sick.’ Hershel’s lower leg has been lopped off by Rick in an attempt to save Maggie and Beth’s father’s life. He’s bleeding out and needs medical attention immediately. The only problems are Hershel was the group’s doctor, and a group of prisoners trapped in the prison are watching Hershel’s ordeal go down through a pane of glass.

In this first clip from the second episode of The Walking Dead: Season 3, Rick and the team that plunged deep into the prison rush Hershel back to cell block C in hopes of stabilizing him. It is here that Carol steps up and assumes responsibility as the medical contingency plan, putting her basic medical knowledge to use to stop the bleeding.

Carol will now be responsible for delivering Lori’s baby with Hershel out of commission. I have seen ‘Sick’ and don’t want to delve into spoilers. What I will say is that Carol’s inexperience in child birth will be addressed in a rather clever way before the episode concludes.

‘Sick’ premieres this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC. You can watch a free online live stream of The Walking Dead: Season 3 premiere ‘Seedright here.

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