The Walking Dead Mid-Season 2 Premiere ‘Nebraska’ Preview

The Walking Dead Mid-Season 2 Premiere Nebraska Preview Images and TrailersThe Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC to continue its second season after having been on hiatus for a couple months. For myself and many of you out there, it’s about damn time.

Be aware of spoilers from this point forward in case you inadvertently clicked on this article..

When we last left off with Rick and his gang, Shane went ballistic upon learning that Hershel was rounding up wandering zombies and storing them in his barn. If Shane had a breaking point, it was revealed when he saw Rick, the group’s leader by default, helping Hershel bring some new Walkers to their new home in the barn. Without hesitation, Shane busted open the barn and he and several others blasted the zombies as they stumbled out into the daylight.

When Walker Sophia surprisingly emerged from the barn, it was Rick who stepped up to put the young girl out of her misery, echoing a scene from The Walking Dead: Season 1 in which he was approached by a young girl Walker. Shane’s bombastic display of dominance was silenced with a single trigger pull.

The final six episodes of The Walking Dead: Season 2 kick off tonight with episode 208 ‘Nebraska.’ Having watched his “family” be gunned down, Hershel turns toward healing and begins to reassess his views on the world. The rift between Shane and Rick has grown with Shane stepping on Rick’s authority by defying his wishes and emptying the barn of its dangerous inhabitants. Carol is also in a much worse place now having lost her (abusive) husband and innocent child, and will look to increasingly caring Daryl more than ever for support.

Those of you complaining about nothing new happening in The Walking Dead should feel assured that two strange men will encounter Rick and Hershel, and the aftermath of that encounter could forever change the group dynamic.

Tune in tonight at 9pm EST/8 central to watch The Walking Dead ‘Nebraska’ only on AMC. Here are some trailers, clips, interview snippets, and images to help pass the time, as well as a look at the limited edition “Walker Head” packaging for Season 2 of The Walking Dead on Blu-ray and DVD.

The Walking Dead Nebraska First Images

The Walking Dead Nebraska First Images

The Walking Dead Nebraska First Images

The Walking Dead Nebraska First Images

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