The Walking Dead ‘Better Angels’ Sneak Peek Footage Calls for Security

The Walking Dead 'Better Angels' Sneak Peek Footage Calls for SecurityThe Walking Dead has spent much of season two with Rick and his group of survivors spending time at the idyllic setting of Hershel’s Farm. After last night’s episode ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner,’ life on the farm has been jeopardized and security preparations have to be made. Spoilers about last night’s episode and the next episode ‘Better Angels’ follow.

There are now two potential threats at Hershel’s Farm, either one of which is reason for Rick to put everyone on guard and secure the perimeter. The first is Randall on the loose, confirmed to occur in ‘Better Angels’ per the preview clips below. Randall’s group doesn’t exactly play by the rules of society, and they’ll surely want revenge for beating Randall after saving his life.

There’s also the matter of the zombie-munched cow out in the fields. It could act like a magnet for Walkers nearby with a big appetite, and as far as Rick and the group are concerned, the one Walker who created the shocking ending last night could have been the beginning of an onslaught.

Pay close attention to the T-Dog clip from ‘Better Angels’ below. He makes reference to a recently cast character from Season 3 so the wheels are definitely in motion for the next scenery transition.

The other clips feature Rick’s group getting ready for something big, and Rick and Carl having a father/son moment that only the apocalypse could deliver. This definitely isn’t the same Carl that was shot back in the Season 2 premiere.

The Walking Dead episode 212, the next-to-last for this season, airs this upcoming Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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