The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Lands With a Bang and Sexy Warning

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Lands With a Bang and Sexy WarningThe second The Dark Knight Rises trailer from Christopher Nolan was officially unleashed onto the Internet this morning after numerous bootleg copies were uploaded to YouTube throughout the weekend. Bane’s muffled dialogue is still hard to understand, even in high definition.

The trailer paints and ominous picture for Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and the city of Gotham. Alfred (Michael Caine) expresses to Wayne that he’s been unable to keep a promise made to the caped crusader’s parents to keep him safe. It’s uncertain what has happened to Bruce at that point in the film, but his head – at least – looks undamaged during the dialogue.

Things go boom as Bane (Tom Hardy) detonates a device that makes Heinz Field’s playing field crumble into nothing, swallowing up two football teams with it. Bane only has one line of dialogue in the trailer and I can’t definitively make out one of the words in it. The line looks to be spoken to a battered Wayne about wanting to wait to crush him until Gotham is no more. Either that or it’s clever editing inserting that shot of Wayne after the line.

There’s no Catwoman sightings in the trailer, but the sexy thief’s alter-ego Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) puts on her sexy voice to warn Wayne about an oncoming storm during a masquerade ball. Also spotted briefly at the ball is Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham police officer John Blake gets a quick scene, but it tells us nothing about the character or how he will figure into the plot. One of the popular theories going around is that he’ll become Robin and take over protecting Gotham once Wayne bows out. Another theory is that Blake is on Bane’s payroll and helping the villain from inside the force.

Almost as a nod to all the leaked on-location footage that hit the Internet over the summer, the trailer closes with quick look at the new Bat hover vehicle pursuing a pair of Tumblers and a large truck through the streets of Gotham (i.e. Pittsburgh).

The Dark Knight Rises will rise in theaters on July 20, 2012. You can currently catch a six minute prologue on select full IMAX screenings of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Download The Dark Knight Rises trailer in high definition at Apple.

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