The Avengers Footage Pits Iron Man Against Thor

The Avengers Footage Pits Iron Man Against ThorToday Disney and Marvel released a fifth clip from The Avengers, which I personally hope will be the last considering the amount of footage that has already been shared prior to the film’s release.

One of the dynamics in The Avengers that director / writer Joss Whedon has talked about is “everyone fights everyone.” In the case of this new footage, Tony Stark / Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) duke it out in the woods at night.

In keeping with Stark’s cheeky humor trait, the superhero gets under Thor’s skin by calling him a demigod. Thor, of course, considers himself a god, so Stark’s label isn’t acceptable to the once loose canon Asgardian.

In reality you would expect Thor to squash Stark like a bug. Yet Stark’s armor is able to defend against Thor’s strength and lightning called by Mjolnir, at least to a degree.

Here is a path to the other The Avengers clips in case you wanted to partake in a footage marathon this morning.

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