Terminator Salvation Game and Movie Trailers are Similar

We’ve all had a few days to digest the visually intense Terminator Salvation movie trailer (if you missed it, see it here). It marks a bold new direction for the franchise into the post-nuclear world Kyle Reese warned us of decades ago.

The Halcyon Company is producing and distributing the film while its new games arm, Halcyon Games, is busy at work polishing the videogame adaptation.

It is virtually unheard of for a game based on a movie to be developed by the same company making the movie, the notable exception being LucasArts. This connection should bode well for Terminator Salvation the game breaking away from the “movie games suck” stereotype.

The first trailer for the upcoming Terminator Salvation game debuted during the Spike TV VGA Awards this past Sunday evening. After watching it we noticed multiple scenes in the game trailer closely match scenes in the theatrical movie trailer.

For example, the new Terminator bikes are seen in the movie trailer chasing the human resistance driving in vehicles. In the game trailer, you sit at a machine gun mounted on one of the vehicles trying to take out the Terminator bikes.

The theatrical trailer closes with the giant Harvester Terminator grabbing a resistance fighter through the roof of a building. The game trailer shows what appears to be this same sequence only you’re playing as the resistance fighter and have to fend off, or destroy, the Harvester.

Acknowledging what appears in the game trailer likely appears in the film reveals some new information about the film. Per the game trailer, the resistance will battle Skynet in a post-nuclear Los Angeles wasteland. The skyscrapers are but a shell of what they once were, imagery reminiscent of the last scene of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Both trailers are below so you can compare and contrast to your heart’s content.

Terminator Salvation the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 is expected in stores day-and-date with the movie on May 22, 2009.

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