Strange Hardware on The Avengers Movie Set

Something big and strange has appeared on the set of Joss Whedon and Marvel’s The Avengers in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s definitely of the spoiler variety so consider this a spoiler warning before you proceed.

According to a scooper over at SuperheroHype, the object pictured below was part of a shoot that took place last week. It’s hard to imagine evidence of the object is only now appearing on the Internet, or that no one was able to snap a photo or video of what action took place around the object or on this street.

There’s two prevalent theories right now as to what the crashed object might be. The prevailing one is that we’re looking at a chariot or hover craft from Asgard that Loki will use in his initial attack on Manhattan. It has the gold Asgardian design elements and what looks like a cockpit toward the central rear portion.

The second theory is it’s a craft that belongs to whatever alien invaders Loki has struck a deal with to attack Earth. Whether those invaders are Skrulls or someone else is still unknown. Though the gold could be connected to Asgard, it also matches the alien weaponry that showed up elsewhere on the set.

This ship/whatever it is adds to evidence presented over the past couple weeks of shooting in Cleveland that clearly supports an alien attack on Manhattan will comprise the final act of The Avengers film.

Source: SHH

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