Stan Lee Iron Man 2 Cameo is High Profile

A Stan Lee cameo in a Marvel film is a surefire bet but what his role might be is open for fun speculation until the beans are spilled.

Multiple sources starting with are reporting Stan will portray iconic CNN talk show host Larry King in Iron Man 2, a more prominent role than a simple strut past the camera or perch on a bench.

Nuke The Fridge expands on Collider’s report by suggesting Stan as Larry King will interview Tony Stark on Larry King Live in the film and question him about a new “Black” Iron Man suit. Should be a lot of fun assuming Lee can pull off a good Larry King impression.

Nailing King’s looks shouldn’t be a problem for Lee as by default he is almost a dead ringer. Shave the mustache in the comparison below and voila, instant talk show host.

Look for Iron Man 2 in theaters May 7, 2010 and the first footage to come from Comic-Con in roughly one month.

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