Stallone Wants Bruce Willis for Expendables 2 Villain

The pinnacle of 80s action nostalgia in The Expendables comes when Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger meet with Bruce Willis in a church about a high-risk job. The dialogue in this scene is spot-on with the only downside being it was over before it had a chance to really begin.

With The Expendables winning its first two weekends at the box office and profits steadily rolling in, Sly is looking forward to the sequel and who its main villain could be. We all want Bruce Willis to slide into the spot as it not only would be a logical choice given the narrative, but John McClane taking on one of the most badass collection of hired guns gets the testosterone flowing just thinking about it.

As part of Sly’s Twitter coming out party these past few days he dropped a little remark about having dinner with Willis. “Had dinner with Bruce Willis last night,” he wrote. “I want him in EXPENDABLES II as a super villain. What do you think?”

Sly’s barking up the right tree is what I think. If Willis can somehow schedule in The Expendables 2 around the supposedly upcoming Die Hard 5 then we’ll all have a reason to smile.

Sly’s looking for dangerous geographic locations suggestions for The Expendables 2 on his Twitter feed so be sure to follow him @TheSlyStallone.

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