Sony Packing Three Extra Goodies into PS4 Box

Sony Packing Three Extra Goodies into PS4 BoxWhen you open up your brand new Sony PlayStation 4 a week from today, a trio of surprise vouchers will be waiting inside that can be put to use immediately once the console is fired up and connected online.

As an added bonus to support their digital entertainment services, Sony is offering up the following three promotional vouchers to PS4 owners in the United States and Canada only. This is a limited time promotion so these vouchers could very well disappear by the second shipment of PS4s to stores. We simply don’t know exactly when Sony will cut it off.

  • $10 Sony Entertainment Network wallet credit for PlayStation Store
  • 30-day free PlayStation Plus membership trial
  • 30-day free Music Unlimited service trial

Note that the 30-day free Music Unlimited trial is only for new subscribers to the plan. Existing subscribers cannot tack an extra 30 days onto their subscription.

However, there appears to be no caveat that the one free month of PlayStation Plus cannot be added to an existing membership. That voucher is a win for everyone whether you’re currently a PlayStation Plus member or not.

This is all around a smart move by Sony to implement. They are congratulating their early adopters with free games or a discount off a more expensive game with the $10 store credit. By allowing all PS4 early adopters with Internet (i.e. everyone, let’s be honest) access to PlayStation Plus, they will hook several new users into the subscription program by allowing them to spend some time with the online multiplayer features before real dollars have to be spent on them.

Sony Packing Three Extra Goodies into PS4 Box

Source: PS Blog

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