Sony Courting Marc Webb for Spider-Man Reboot

Sony is wasting no time getting their recently announced rebooted Spider-Man franchise off the ground and has already had discussions with at least one prospective director.

Names that spring to mind to take over the behemoth superhero franchise might include James Cameron, John McTiernan or David Fincher. Guys whom have successfully juggled story and effects. Big names to match what one would assume would be a big budget.

Instead Sony has met face-to-face with Marc Webb, the young director who burst onto the scene with last year’s (500) Days of Summer. He has no special effects experience much less superhero. Outside of those who follow film few will even recognize his name.

If you look closer he may be the perfect man for the job, humorously appropriate name and all. Sony has already stressed that Jamie Vanderbilt’s script for the reboot sends Peter Parker back to high school to face villainous and everyday life challenges of a young person living in the big city. Webb has already proven he understands young people and what makes them tick. The effects part could be a joint effort with his crew and advisers.

Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood broke the story and makes a good point. The closest thing to superhero experience Chris Nolan had before taking on Batman Begins was Mememto i.e. none. Ditto for Sam Raimi when hired for the first Spider-Man.

There is an overabundance of negativity swirling around the blog community about how the reboot is doomed and Sony are money hungry control freaks. I say give whoever comes on board a chance before writing off this big gamble. The Incredible Hulk fast reboot wasn’t a complete disaster, was it? Most would argue the reboot version is vastly superior to Ang Lee’s. I know I would.

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