Sigourney Weaver Avatar Interview Yields Aliens Blu-ray Scoop

Sigourney Weaver recently sat down with the LA Times to talk about her role as brash cigarette smoking botanist Grace Augustine in James Cameron’s Avatar. Like any good reporter, interviewer Geoff Boucher made sure to ask Weaver what’s next on her plate. The answer is just what Blu-ray adopters have been waiting for.

Sometime in the next few weeks, Sigourney will sit down and watch Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection to record new audio commentaries for the upcoming release of the Quadrilogy on Blu-ray Disc.

“I’ve never done that, watched all of them in a row,” Weaver said. “I just recently made my [19-year-old] daughter watch them. She had never seen them before, believe it or not. I think she just prefers to think of me as good ol’ mom, you know, not some person running around a spaceship with a flamethrower.”

The Alien Quadrilogy should make its way to Blu-ray either to coincide with Avatar’s Blu-ray debut or in November to time Black Friday and the busy holiday shopping season. The former would be preferred as it would put the coveted discs in our hands sooner rather than later. But all indications point towards this set hitting stores sometime in 2010.

Head over to the LA Times to read the Signourney Weaver article and interview in full.

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