See the Second Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser Trailer

It didn’t take long for someone to record the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer that debuted today on cuts of the Michael Bay produced Friday the 13th remake.

The 2 minute 15 second trailer can be viewed as an expansion of the Superbowl spot. Many of the same scenes appear with a few seconds tacked onto the front or back offering a little more insight into what’s going on.

For example, the Audi crashing through a wall in Shanghai sequence has been expanded to show that he crashed through someone’s house and that there are clearly three Autobots on his tail in robot form resembling a unicycle (rumored to be Arcee).

Other notable scene extensions and all-new scenes include:

  • Two protoforms slamming into Paris in broad daylight, one hitting a building square-on
  • An establishing Egypt pyramid shot followed by four protoforms hitting the ground in front of the pyramids
  • Six protoforms hitting the US Naval Fleet plus a shot from underwater of one ship sinking
  • An aerial shot of the the RH-400 Constructicon transforming and then immediately wreaking havoc
  • Sam splits a mechanical bug in half. Probably an Insecticon or a Soundwave minion, and probably one of *many*.
  • Bumblebee slams through a fence in front of Sam’s dad, transforms and fires his cannon at something off-screen (the bugs?).
  • Scorpinok returns, taking a flying slow motion leap at another Transformer in the desert

  • A Tranformer is being attacked in the desert. Could this be the Fallen?
  • Optimus Prime approaches the RH-400 in truck mode, transforms and then jumps on him as seen in the Superbowl trailer.

It’ll likely be a couple months before additional footage is shown, but I think Bay has done a decent job upping the anticipation meter without giving away too much. We still haven’t seen Soundwave, Jetfire, the new Autobot cars and who knows how many other characters. Not to mention what’s known or speculated about the plot is still fairly vague.

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