Rumor: Transformers Blu-ray on September 2

As Paramount’s second run at Blu-ray Disc gets underway, many titles released exclusively on HD DVD between August 2007 and March 2008 are already now available on Blu-ray Disc or planned for release in the coming months.

No Paramount HD DVD exclusive carries more anticipation for Blu-ray than Michael Bay’s Transformers. This anticipation is ratcheted up even more with the opportunity for Paramount to include lossless audio which was withheld from HD DVD due to space constraints.

The folks at have added fuel to the fire, claiming Transformers will make its Blu-ray debut on September 2 in a two-disc set, just like the HD DVD. The source is credited as being “inside,” though no further information is given.

Do we believe this date? Yes, we do. TVShowsonDVD is a credible outlet, and Transformers is a no-brainer to release in early September to help kick off pre-holiday Blu-ray sales.

With Paramount pre-orders appearing “super early” on, maybe Transformers will be listed sooner rather than later? Stay tuned for (hopefully) an official announcement.

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