Rumor: Lame Names for Die Hard 5 and Fantastic Four Reboot

Harry over at Ain’t It Cool has been tipped the rumored names for an upcoming Fox sequel and reboot. They’re about as lame and unimaginative as you can imagine.

Die Hard 24/7 and Fantastic Four Reborn. Yep, the fifth installment of Bruce Willis as an aging and possibly grandfatherly John McClane could see him either having him forgoing sleep to stop terrorists or fighting them over an extended period of time. Your guess is as good as mine. The silver lining to this is apparently Sylvester Stallone screened the completed cut of The Expendables for Willis who was affected by it. “Willis called him [Sly] a couple days later to tell him how much the movie has really hit something right on in him” Harry wrote, which we can only hope means Willis will take the raw testosterone fueled R-rated approach with Die Hard 5 rather than the sugarcoated for mass audiences approach of Live Free or Die Hard.

As for Fantastic Four Reborn, it seems like Fox is trying a little too hard to follow Warner Bros. with Batman Begins and Superman Returns. Surely there are some other words that can be sandwiched around Fantastic Four rather than a word Fox could have pulled out of a thesaurus for “begins.” Unless the original cast dies in the beginning of this film and a new family is “reborn” (not happening), then I see little value in chasing this name for a pure reboot.

My fingers are crossed that these are either temp names or a sliver of selections from a larger pool being considered.

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