Ron Moore Adds BSG Alum Tricia Helfer to ’17th Precinct’ Pilot

Executive Producer Ron Moore has dipped into his old Battlestar Galactica well for the third time in putting together the cast for the science fiction detective drama ’17th Precinct’ pilot for NBC.

Tricia Helfer has joined the ’17th Precinct’ cast as Morgana and will alongside fellow Battlestar alumni Jamie Bamber and James Callis. Her character will be a necromancer; someone who uses magic via potions and herbs to study the recently deceased that are part of a police investigation. Think of her as the CSI arm of the 17th Precinct police department in the town of Excelsior with the ability to raise the dead in order to get answers.

The BSG-heavy cast is already creating buzz and waves in the sci-fi and fantasy community which could be crucial in determining whether the ’17th Precinct’ pilot gets picked up for a partial or full season order. Given the demise of ‘Heroes’ and more recently ‘The Cape’ on NBC, ‘Precinct 17’ is facing a slippery uphill battle to gain traction and survive should it go to series. Science fiction shows have enough struggles surviving on fantasy-friendly Syfy, much less on one of the major networks in Prime Time.

Source: Deadline

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